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March 24, 2015

While Zhoug might sound like a Marvel super villain, it is actually a super simple condiment that you will want to put on EVERYTHING. Once again Ottolenghi wins with this dish. Zhoug is traditional to Yemeni Jews and a staple in Israli cuisine (think shawarma and falafel pitas with much Zhoug).

This recipe comes from Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem cookbook, and while I always make a few modifications, my strongest recommendation would be to double the recipe! Graham and I have been slopping this on everything from the spiced lamb and eggs, with yogurt sauce, to my toast in the morning, poached eggs, and I even snuck a little on the chicken burgers I made tonight. If prepared properly (with sanitized jars etc.) the Zhoug should keep in the fridge for up to three weeks… but I assure you it won’t be around that long!!!

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Spiced lamb with eggs and yogurt… and Zhoug

March 22, 2015

I decided to do some proper menu planning this week, mostly because I feel I have been neglecting my beloved Ottolenghi books. His recipes never fail to deliver on taste and creativity and in many ways his recipes helped shape my cooking style (and certainly the contents of my pantry). Whenever I feel a food rut coming on I clear my schedule (his recipes can be quite labour intensive) and get to work. I also find his recipes are great for entertaining because usually you feel more ambitious when having company, and despite the long list of ingredients the food is pretty foolproof and OH SO crowd pleasing.

This week I chose a few meat dishes from Jerusalem and some salads from Plenty More (stay tuned for my versions!).

Once again Ottolenghi did not disappoint and this lamb dish was fantastic: Lamb seasoned with rich and spicy flavours, eggs perfectly runny, creamy and cooling tahini yogurt sauce, and the Zhoug is just a party in your mouth. Lots of layers… and all beautifully married together. I would eat this for brunch or dinner, and I have just enough for our lunches tomorrow.

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