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The Farm Fresh Poacher

October 4, 2014
The Farm Fresh Poacher

I considered omitting this recipe because I didn’t want to saturate my blog with poached egg posts, and also the ingredients were a little out there… But it was really good and Graham took some stunning photos so I had to throw it in!

Disclaimer: This recipe is full of obscure ingredients from the Brickworks farmers market but many delicious substitutions would be possible. So basically if you can’t get your hands on lamb bacon (yup that’s what that is) or stinging nettle goat cheese (not much sting but LOTS of flavour) or pear garlic preserves (just yup), I have also suggested some alternatives. If you do come across these items they were all really good and as a rule I encourage everyone to experiment with preserves and condiments whenever possible. These are flavours you simply can’t develop in 10 minutes when you are hungover and desperate for brunch!


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Grilled Endive Salad

September 14, 2014


Though summer may be winding down, I fully intend to use my new BBQ through the fall and hopefully into the winter months. Basically I want to grill everything… all the time, and I have been. Among the many new things I have been grilling lately, the endive stands out as a particular favourite with a very distinct taste. The spicy and crisp texture of this lovely vegetable is mellowed and becomes almost sweet when you charr it on the grill. Not only does it look stunning but it provides a lively new base for a more unconventional salad.

I served the endive with a creamy yogurt dressing, avocado, apples and fresh basil. This salad has already earned a place in my regular meal rotation so there will likely be other variations to come!

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The Tuna Tartare

September 6, 2014



Of all the things I have ever made, I fear sometimes that I will only be remembered for this dish. If that is the case… I suppose I could have done a lot worse.

I don’t know what it is about tuna tartare but if you like fish (and even if you are iffy on the fishy) this is just a tasty a** dish and also a little impressive. It is not impressive because it is hard but because it is beautiful. Splurge on sashimi grade tuna for this – if you can’t find tuna that looks like these photos (bright pink and happy) talk to me… I have a fish guy.

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Lobster Can Salad (and Rolls)

May 26, 2014


I bet a lot of people walk by the canned lobster at Loblaw’s because they feel it is sacrilegious to partake of lobster from a can, or maybe it’s the $20 price tag, or maybe everyone’s just buying it and enjoying it as immensely as we are. If not, they should be!

Kudos to Rocky Point for the very appealing packaging and of course the wonderful product nestled inside. This is a breezy, quick dinner fix (if you had the presence of mind to defrost 24 hours in advance) also would be great for lunch. So take five minutes (+ 24 hours) and have an amazing home made lobster salad or lobster roll.

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Stuffed and Sauced

May 21, 2014



I make chicken a lot and I often stuff it with goat cheese… If I had a nickel for every variation of goat cheese stuffed chicken I have made… I would probably have two dollars.

I always make at least four pieces, that way you are free to spontaneously invite over two neighbours or to have a delicious lunch the next day.

To break up the monotony of the double bill, I’ll make two different kinds. Goat cheese stuffed is always a crowd pleaser, and this black bean sauce is GREAT because it’s incredibly simple and versatile.  To be honest deciding which to eat for dinner is the hardest part of this recipe so we typically halve and have both.

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The Rosedale Poacher

May 3, 2014


I used to be one of those of those people who went out for brunch every weekend but Graham and my weekend ritual has evolved into hunting around Rosedale for the finest breakfast ingredients. We start at Patachou where we grab cheese croissants (sadly Patachou is now closed!!) and then we bop over to the five thieves (purveyors of high quality comestibles, fondly named for their price gauging and monopoly on groceries in the neighbourhood). Here we grab other outstanding items such as avocados, pancetta and whatever else catches our eye.

I cannot count how many variations Graham and I have made on this croissant benedict. Once you have the fundamentals down (see Perfectly Poached Eggs), you can have a lot of fun with this recipe. What follows is a most wonderful routine (and believe me it will become a routine) of inspiring ingredients, poaching, and assembly.

If you don’t already know, the ultimate restoration from a petite hangover is through fat and sauce.

This version is Graham’s favourite.

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Perfectly Poached Eggs

May 3, 2014


The elusive perfectly poached egg – everyone has had that disappointing experience at a restaurant where your egg was over or underdone. It’s heartbreaking! Some will send their’s back while others (like me) will sulk as their plate is conspicuously clean of yellow goop. Maybe it’s all these restaurant misfires that intimidate people from making their own at home, or perhaps it was an ill-fated experience with a vortex (I don’t know who it was that spread around the vortex poaching rumour but in my experience it is patently false).

So take a deep breath, it’s easier than you think, and once you’ve mastered it you can revel in the awe and praise of grateful diners for the rest of your life. Just ask Graham.

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Leftovers for Lunch, Sandwiches and Wraps

Lamb and Kale Salad Wraps

May 3, 2014


Leftovers make amazing lunches. It’s just a fact. Some people find it boring to eat the same meal twice in a row, and that can be true (though it doesn’t bother me particularly). The key is to take your leftovers and make a riff on them for the next meal. Frittata’s, wraps, sandwiches, salads, are just some of the many ways you can transform your leftovers into the star of your lunch and inspire envy amongst co-workers.

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The Classic Kale Salad

May 3, 2014

I think most people have tried a variety of this salad because it’s easy to make, tasty, and kale is healthy… everyone loves kale…Great for quick weeknight dinners and even once dressed holds up nicely for lunch the next day.

Ali (Graham’s mom) first prepared this salad for us and pointed out that the key is to chiffonade the kale. Continue Reading…


Caribbean Lobsta

May 3, 2014


Graham and I have spent several holiday seasons in the BVI with his family and caribbean lobster is always on the menu. Last year we had some pretty amazing lobsters in Anegada, where restaurant menu options and promotions are often delivered by boat and in song.

When my mom told me she got some from our “fish guy” I was excited about the prospect of making them myself, especially in the non-threatening form of frozen, spineless tails.

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