Perfectly Poached Eggs

May 3, 2014


The elusive perfectly poached egg – everyone has had that disappointing experience at a restaurant where your egg was over or underdone. It’s heartbreaking! Some will send their’s back while others (like me) will sulk as their plate is conspicuously clean of yellow goop. Maybe it’s all these restaurant misfires that intimidate people from making their own at home, or perhaps it was an ill-fated experience with a vortex (I don’t know who it was that spread around the vortex poaching rumour but in my experience it is patently false).

So take a deep breath, it’s easier than you think, and once you’ve mastered it you can revel in the awe and praise of grateful diners for the rest of your life. Just ask Graham.

What You Will Need:

  • shallow pot
  • 1tbs vinegar
  • eggs
  • a small bowl
  • big spoon (like you could hold a whole egg in it)


  1. Fill pot with water and add vinegar.
  2. Bring to a boil.
  3. Once you have achieved a rumbling boil turn the heat down to medium (this ensures the bubbling won’t tear the eggs to pieces like that damn vortex).
  4. Crack your egg into the glass bowl and gently pour it in to the water starting the timer for three minutes as soon as it gets wet.
  5. Hastily (not too hastily) repeat this process with the other eggs. I have done as many as eight eggs simultaneously and the key is to keep track of the order.
  6. Once that timer goes off use the large spoon to gently remove the eggs and transfer them to a bowl.
  7. You can make the eggs a few hours in advance, keeping them in cold water and them reheating them in the water. I almost never do this though.

And that’s all you have to do! Now that you are a poaching master try The Rosedale Poacher.


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